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Orthotic Interventions

Podiatrists at the Brighton Foot Clinic are at the forefront of prescription of the RIGHT orthotic for you. We believe that not one size fits all that is why we specialise in prescribing individual catered orthotic therapy suitable to our patients needs and lifestyle. 

Braces and Aids

We stock a variety of ankle and foot braces and aids which may help relieve or prevent injury such as Ankle Sprains and foot drop. We also specialise in the supply of Fracture Walker Cam Boots. 

Diabetic Footcare and Screening

Foot care for Diabetics is an area of extreme importance. Diabetic patients are at an increased risk of complications that can lead to ulceration, peripheral neuropathy (loss of sensation), diminished sensation and even gangrene and amputation in extreme cases. For this reason it is critical that people with Diabetes undergo regular foot assessments and where required, routine management of their feet. Your Podiatrist has the equipment and expertise needed to conduct the regular foot check ups and manage your Diabetic feet. Following a Diabetic foot check a detailed report is sent to your General Practitioner.

Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenails can be caused by trauma, poor nail care or excessive curvature of the nail. They can be extremely painful and at times become infected. Your Podiatrist can manage these conditions conservatively, or if severe enough, nail surgery using the phenolisation technique can be conducted under a local anaesthetic to provide a permanent fix for ingrowing nails.

Wart Treatments

There are multiple warts treatments available to our patients, including Cryotherapy, Salicillic Acid Treatments, Cantherone Protocol, Immune Mediated Treatments. Your podiatrist will discuss your specific options with you and present you with your best treatment options according to your presentation. 

Tool Assisted Massage (TAM)

TAM is a hands on treatment technique focusing on the mobilisation of the soft tissues and fascia surrounding structures of the lower limb, improving rehabilitation outcomes. 

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a technique used to release trigger points within soft tissue to allow more natural and free movement. This technique also improves injury rehabilitation outcome times.