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Dry Needling

The technique of dry needling involves inserting a very thin acupuncture needle into a muscle and fascia, to reduce tension and/or pain in part of that muscle, and/or to reduce pain that might be referred from that part of the muscle to another part of the body.


The term ‘dry’ is used because nothing is injected into the body.  For this reason the needles are solid and very thin, and the experience is more comfortable than receiving an injection or providing blood.  

Depending on the location and nature of your symptoms, one or more needles may be inserted.


Your practitioner will outline a suggested treatment plan, including the locations to be needled and the number of appointments needed.  You may also benefit from other treatments, such as stretching and massage, and your practitioner will explain the necessary adjunctive treatment/s.


The risks associated with dry needling are very low, but sometimes bruising and/or soreness can occur.  Significant bleeding or infection are extremely rare.