What is it?


Podiatrists at the Brighton Foot Clinic have years of experience in treating people living with heel pain. We understand the significant impact heel pain can have on your life and treat the pain and cause accordingly. 

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common form of heel pain, often referred to as a heel spur, it is a musculoskeletal condition causing pain under the heel or into the inner arch of the foot. The condition is commonly mistaken for an impact trauma or heel bruise but in fact it is caused by mechanical overstretching of the main fibrous tissue in the arch. 

Podiatrists at the Brighton Foot Clinic treat heel pain utilising a holistic approach embracing multiple treatment modalities including Tool Assisted Massage, Biomechanical Interventions, Dry Needling, strengthening and stretching.


Taking into consideration not only the immediate pain, but also the cause of the pain. This ensures that once your painful symptoms have resolved the heel pain is unlikely to recur.