The Care You Need


Diabetes may reduce the circulation of blood to your feet. It may also impair the sensation in our feet, causing areas of numbness. Poor circulation makes it difficult for our body to repair damage from cuts, burns, scratches or infections, particularly if we cannot feel the damage being done. 

Under these circumstances, even areas of minor skin damage can be hazardous for those with diabetes.

The importance of proper foot care preventing the complications in the diabetic is widely recognised. 


The role of your Podiatrist​

Podiatrists are involved in the maintenance of healthy feet for people with diabetes. The management of established cases of foot conditions often requires a team approach. Your Podiatrist will work closely with your family doctor, diabetes specialist and nursing services to keep you on your feet.

Your Podiatrist will conduct  a Neurovascular Diabetic foot assessment annually and report all findings to your doctor