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Brighton Foot Clinic

Dr Jens Glynne, Podiatrist

An experienced Podiatrist and Family man residing in Brighton,
Jens has been practicing Podiatry for the past 8 years, in Metropolitan and Rural Settings.  

Following graduation and Podiatric training from world renowned Training Hospitals and Universities, Jens commenced his career in private Podiatric Practice in 2009.

He has worked and held senior/management positions at multiple clinics throughout Victoria including major Regional centres and Metropolitan locations, where he has gained valuable professional and personal experience. 

Jens embraces a modern forward thinking approach to Podiatric Healthcare including the utilisation of state-of-the-art treatment techniques but has a strong understanding of the importance of traditional best practice podiatry.

Jens employs a holistic approach to Podiatry where an understanding of the many factors that contribute toward his patients concerns are addressed and taken into consideration when implementing a personalised treatment plan. 

He believes that clear communication is key in his clinical approach and that his patients understanding of their clinical concern is of upmost importance in achieving a favourable result. 

Jens enjoys providing the best Podiatric Care he can to his patients and their families.

When not working Jens loves spending time with his wife and daughters and keeps active cycling, playing golf, basketball and tennis. 

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